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“Greenway micro-sealed our furniture in 2013. We have a navy velvet couch that sat in direct sunlight for 8 years and did not fade. it is now in different direct sunlight and is still not fading. This is fantastic!”
J. Zimmerman, Victoria, BC
“When we purchased new wall to wall beige wool carpeting for our bedroom six months ago,, we decided to protect it with MicroSeal. We have a dog that sleeps in the bedroom and in the middle of the night she vomited in a very visible area of the rug, and it was a mess. The stain required professional treatment and is now basically invisible, thanks to the MicroSeal protection. I am THRILLED, and so happy we decided to go this extra step in protecting our rug. I have also just had my new sofas protected with MicroSeal and am recommending the product highly to friends.”
G Back, Victoria, BC
“The expense of the MicroSeal product is worth every penny! Wonderful product, friendly people, excellent service.Thank you!”
Elizabeth, Victoria, BC
“MicroSeal was applied to my white couch and chair. Four months later I splashed red wine on the couch and could not remove it with my own efforts and products at hand. I was certain I had ruined the furniture but the stains were completely removed by Greenway Carpet Cleaning. Just amazing, not a trace. I am extremely pleased with the customer service.”
B. Glazier, Victoria, BC
“I made myself a wonderful dinner tonight… transferred the plate to a tray and poured myself a large glass of red wine. You guessed it…. a FULL glass of red wine splattered all over the carpet. The light beige part of the carpet!!! And also a bit on the sofa.
I leapt to my feet turning the air blue with obscenities. My dog almost jumped out of his skin. My instincts told me to BLOT – as fast as possible. To my utter astonishment – and joy – every vestige of wine was drawn into the paper towels.
Thank God for MicroSeal! It’s worth it’s weight in gold.”
Helen, Vancouver, BC
“As an Interior Designer, MicroSeal Vancouver is our go-to for treating our clients’ fabrics! The team is so friendly, quick, and flexible to work with our always changing schedule. We know we can rely on this team and MicroSeal to keep our luxury fabrics safe and always looking new, with the added bonus that it’s also non-toxic!”
Nicole Langmuir, Interior Designer, Insight Design Group Inc., Vancouver, Insight Design Group Inc.

“I used microseal to treat my furniture.  The technicians were highly knowledgeable and trained and a pleasure to deal with.  I had wine spill on my sofa months later and treated it myself with a spot remover thinking it would not come out but amazingly it did.  I totally recommend this company.”

Kellie S, Vancouver, BC


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    Phone: (250)216-3144
    Email: rob@microsealbc.ca
    Web: microsealbc.ca/Vi


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